What Compensation Exists In The Event of an Airplane Crash

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Though chances of an airplane crash are lower than the chances of a car accident, the rates and causes of airplane accidents vary over time and airline carrier. For example, American Airlines has had more fatal crashes in the last 20 years than any other United States airline. And mechanical failure is the second most common reason for crashes to occur.

When an airplane crashes,

victims are entitled to damages – the value of which are determined by the Montreal Convention, which in 1999 “amended important provisions…concerning compensation for the victims of air disasters.” In the event of an airplane crash, aircraft carriers are liable for about $170,000 per passenger in the United States. However, if the reason for the crash was due to mechanical failure or defective parts, manufacturers can be pulled into a lawsuit as well.

According to USA Today, “U.S. federal law prohibits law firms from contacting any potential clients for 45 days after an airplane crash…[but] that doesn’t mean a client can’t contact a lawyer immediately.”

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