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Head Cooling & Infant Brain Damage

Head cooling, also referred to as hypothermia therapy, is a type of treatment for brain damage that involves cooling the newborn’s head to slow or stop brain cell death. It may also be performed by cooling a newborn’s whole body. Hypothermia therapy was first introduced in the 1980s and has been used across the U.S. to help infants suffering from birth asphyxia.

Pribanic & Pribanic, LLC is currently investigating cases involving head cooling and birth injuries. Our Pittsburgh birth injury lawyers are highly experienced in this field and understand the benefits that head cooling and whole-body cooling may have to offer. We can identify scenarios where hypothermia therapy should have been considered and can also help in cases where head cooling was improperly recommended or performed. Any deviation from standard care should be identified and exposed, and we have the resources and skill to do just that.

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When an infant experiences a lack of oxygen and blood to the brain during labor and delivery, brain cells will begin to die. They may continue to die over the next several days, which can lead to serious brain damage and even death. Head cooling can help by slowing cell death and minimizing the number of brain cells that die due to asphyxia. Properly used, it can offer a child a fighting chance.

Head cooling works by delaying cell death, which can:

  • Reduce the spillage of neurotransmitters, some of which can kill or damage other brain cells.
  • Interrupt programmed cell death (apoptosis), which can be caused by an injury to brain cells.

If your child suffered from a lack of oxygen during delivery and head cooling was used, now is the time to involve a Pittsburgh birth injury attorney. We can investigate the situation to determine whether your son or daughter suffered harm due to malpractice. We can hold at-fault parties accountable and can pursue fair compensation for your child’s complete care.

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