Over its history the firm has tried many cases that have had a significant impact not only for the firm’s clients, but also for the community. This list is not exhaustive but merely illustrative of instances where the firm was able to assist in obtaining justice for its clients. Below are some of the case results that have shaped the history of the firm.

Personal Injury Case Results

Victor Pribanic reviewing documents for a personal injury case in his White Oak, PA office. © Pribanic & Pribanic

— National case w/ confidential settlement on the eve of trial — 

In April 2016, General Motors reached a confidential settlement with the Pittsburgh-based law firm Pribanic & Pribanic in a wrongful death lawsuit. READ MORE ABOUT THIS CASE » 


Multi-Million Settlement

Cerebral Palsy

A multi-million settlement was achieved during jury selection in this case on behalf of a little girl who suffered from cerebral palsy as a result of her delivery being delayed after having signs of fetal distress.  In addition, the healthcare providers continued to administer Pitocin, a drug that causes contractions to occur, long after signs of fetal distress manifested themselves further impairing the infant’s ability to receive necessary oxygen and resulting in hypoxia and a condition known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy which is one of the root causes for cerebral palsy.

Multi-Million Settlement

Hospital Failure to Timely Administer Transfusion in Sickle Cell Patient

A young man who suffered from sickle cell disease was admitted to the hospital because of a rising sickle cell count.  The hospital failed to administer a transfusion in a timely fashion, causing a cardiopulmonary arrest and significant long-term organ damage.  The case was settled at a mediation before trial.

7-Figure Confidential Settlement

Death Case Attributed to Chantix

A confidential settlement, believed to be among the highest in this multi-district litigation, was reached on behalf of the surviving children of a couple, both of whose deaths were attributed to the husband’s use of Chantix.  After using Chantix for approximately one week, the father, shot and killed his wife and then himself in the family’s front yard and laid there for hours in plain view of the minor children.  The lawsuit claimed, as was supported by appropriate experts, that the use of Chantix incited the husband to the acts of homicide and suicide which lead to the death of him and his spouse.


7-Figure Confidential Settlement 

Medication Error Causing Fatal Stroke

The Defendant physician negligently discontinued the patient’s Coumadin causing a disabling and ultimately fatal stroke.  The prescription and continued use of Coumadin or some other medication was required in this patient because she suffered from atrial fibrillation which can propagate blood clots which can lead to a stroke as occurred in this case.

Substantial Settlement

Delayed Diagnosis “Mantle Cell” Leukemia

$300,000.00 settlement was reached shortly after filing suit on behalf of an individual who suffered from a delayed diagnosis of “mantle cell” leukemia resulting in a delay in treatment that may have worsened his prognosis.


$103 million verdict

Accounting Negligence / Fraud

The firm took on the task of handling a non-jury trial that would last nine months. At the center of the controversy was an accounting firm’s role in understating the value of various corporations while overstating the liabilities. The accounting issues resulted in massive harm to our client. Our lawyers established the financial negligence and malfeasance. During the discovery phases of the case, our attorneys proved the falsification of a key discovery document that resulted in significant sanctions. Ultimately, justice prevailed at trial and the result was a $103 million verdict for our client.


$21.0 million settlement

Product Liability / Medical and Hospital Malpractice

In a case that combined facets of both product liability and hospital negligence, the firm obtained a life changing result for the client assuring that a severely injured child will have the proper treatment and care over the remainder of his life. The injured infant and his family will no longer have to worry about financial issues.


$10,000,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit


$8.5 million settlement

Automobile Accident

The client suffered permanent and extensive internal injuries stemming from an automobile accident. Following extensive discovery, the case was favorably resolved. The client no longer has to worry about future medical care.

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$6,340,000 verdict

Motorcycle Accident

Various injuries, including closed head injury.


$8 million settlement

Product Liability / Medical and Hospital Malpractice

When a child suffers catastrophic injuries, he and his parents are confronted with the need for intensive care over the remainder of the child’s life. In this case, the firm was able to obtain a life changing result for the child. The settlement provided for the child and his family’s future financial needs.


$5.8 million settlement

Automobile Accident

We were able to obtain a settlement for a minor that sustained permanent internal injuries stemming from a single car accident. The minor’s future medical care was taken care of as a result of the settlement.


$5 million settlement

Product Liability / Defective Design

A child was severely and permanently injured by a defective product causing permanent brain injuries. The child was expected to have significant future health care needs. Through diligent discovery methods, a “missing” yet key witness was located and the case resultantly settled. The settlement provided the financial security the child and family needed.


Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice

A settlement was achieved with a hospital and physicians on behalf of a 56-year old man who died after his heart attack was misdiagnosed as appendicitis and he suffered a second fatal heart attack during the operation for the supposed appendicitis. He was survived by his wife and three (3) adult children. The case proceeded to trial against a non-settling defendant physician and a verdict in favor of our client was obtained.


$4 million confidential settlement

Wrongful Death of 34-Year Old Woman During Delivery of Twin Girls

34-yeard old woman arrives at hospital for scheduled cesarean section. Multiple attempts were made to administer a spinal anesthetic, Duramorph 0.2 mg, via a #22 gauge seven inch needle (spinal anesthesia needle should have a maximum length of 5″) into Plaintiff’s back while she was in a sitting position. During this procedure the doctor perforates woman’s splenic artery. From 7:10 a.m. until 2:58 p.m., when she was pronounced dead, she hemorrhaged from what was later found to be a through and through puncture of her splenic artery inflicted by the seven inch needle used by doctor at the wrong location. An autopsy performed found the cause of death to be hypovolemic shock caused by massive internal hemorrhage as a result of an iatrogenically induced proximal splenic artery perforation.


$3 million settlement

Medical Malpractice Pittsburgh

We were able to obtain a settlement due to a birth injury caused by a failure to perform a timely Cesarean section. The infant suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy as a result.


$2.3 million settlement

Medical Malpractice

Nerve Personal Injury during back surgery resulting in Foot Drop.


$2.25 million confidential settlement

Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment of Hydrocephalous

45-year old man falls 14 feet from a ladder in his garage and sustained several injuries, including two skull fractures. He was taken to Defendant Hospital, seen by a neurosurgeon, and admitted. He died unexpectedly six days later. Plaintiff died from hydrocephalus and raised intracranial pressure due to meningitis that developed during treatment of multiple injuries. The hydrocephalus developed sometime between October 14th and October 18 th, 2008. If Defendant Hospital had conducted a CT head scan early on the 18 th, when the Plaintiff complained of a severe headache, and the nurses noted Plaintiff’s confusion and mental changes, it is more likely than not that the hydrocephalus would have been seen. A constant ventricular drain could have been inserted to prevent his brain death.


$2.2 million verdict

Defamation / U-5 Defamation / Fraud / Intentional Interference with Contract 

Blamed by his own firm for securities fraud he did not commit, our client needed to fight back against one of the largest securities companies on Wall Street. His U-5 had been blackened and his securities career decimated. The client sought to clear his name and resume his once successful securities career. Over the course of many months in a lengthy arbitration proceeding, the client was vindicated. His U-5 was expunged and he was able to resume his financial career. At the time, the $2.2 million verdict ranked as one of the top ten defamation verdicts in FINRA (then NASD) history.


$2.1 million confidential settlement

Birth Injury Case due to Toxic Dose of Magnesium

Infant was delivered prematurely at approximately 26 weeks gestation at Defendant Hospital. Plaintiff-mother, was treated with magnesium sulfate, a tocolytic medication which is used to slow down uterine contractions and delay the onset of labor. At the time of delivery, infant was in a breech position and required a Caesarean-section delivery. His Apgar scores were eight at one minute and nine at five minutes. He had a weak cry at birth with spontaneous respirations. However, he was noted to be cyanotic and shortly after delivery he was intubated and placed on mechanical ventilation. Weaning from the ventilator was initiated on October 7, 2004. Due to minor feeding intolerance and dark brown flecks in his gastric aspirate, infant was made N.P.O. (nothing by mouth). Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) and lipids were ordered by Doctor on October 10, 2004 at a rate of 132cc/kg/day or 5.5 cc/hour. TPN therapy is the provision of necessary nutrients through administration of an intravenous solution containing protein, sugar, fat, minerals and vitamins and is ordered as a substitute or supplement for oral or enteral feedings to ensure that caloric and nutrition requirements are being met. The amount of TPN a patient receives is determined by his/her weight and specific caloric and nutrition needs. Defendants utilized a standard physician’s order sheet for TPN orders. The ordering physician provided the patients weight, amount of solution to be prepared, rate of delivery, the appropriate concentration of amino acids and dextrose and chose the appropriate dosage of the following elements: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Acetate, Calcium Gluconate, Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Neonatal Trace Minerals and Selenium. The dosage of pediatric multivitamin was calculated by the pharmacist. A copy of the completed order was then sent to the pharmacy for preparation. While preparing the TPN solution, Defendants, acting through their pharmacy and employee pharmacists, incorrectly added a toxic dosage of magnesium. The pharmacist preparing the TPN solution miscalculated, erroneously measured and/or incorrectly entered the magnesium dosage when preparing Plaintiff’s TPN solution. As a direct result of the toxic magnesium overdose, the infant suffered brain damage as a result of the negligence of the Defendants.


$1.9 million settlement

Truck Accident

A $1.9 million settlement achieved on behalf of the family of a 25 year old man who struck a garbage truck which was making an improper turn. The settlement will allow his wife and minor children the financial security that he could have afforded them during his life.


$1.51 million verdict

Medical Malpractice 

The jury returned a verdict in the amount of $1,511,756.00 in Erie County in favor of our client whose Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy was not treated, resulting in permanent injuries to his leg and ankle. No offer of settlement was made prior to the trial.


$1.3 million settlement

Motorcycle Accident

Our client was the operator of a motorcycle which collided with another vehicle that had only $15,000 in liability coverage. After collecting the liability limits, Plaintiff pursued an underinsured motorist claim on the policy affording coverage for the motorcycle which Plaintiff was operating. The motorcycle was owned by Plaintiff’s employer, and had underinsured motorist benefits in the amount of $1.5 million. Plaintiff’s injuries included a mild closed-head injury, an injury to his left arm involving the brachial plexus nerve and an injury to his right knee. Plaintiff was employed as a motorcycle mechanic on the day of the injury, earning approximately $15,000 per year and claimed an inability to return to his time-of-injury employment. Plaintiff’s special damages included lost wages ranging from $400,000 to $900,000 and future medical expenses in the form of a life-care plan in the amount of approximately $225,000. The case was settled for $1.3 million two days prior to the scheduled arbitration hearing date.


$1.255 million verdict

Automobile Defect / Defective Brakes

Our client suffered a closed head injury resulting in brain damage when he was rear ended. The defendant driver contended that because the truck he was driving was not equipped with front brakes, he was unable to stop the vehicle in time to avoid the accident.


$1.175 million verdict

Automobile Defect / Defective Design 

Our client was injured when his vehicle was struck by a Chevy Blazer. The Blazer driver had rolled through a stop sign causing the two vehicles to collide. The Blazer driver claimed that his vehicle’s anti-lock brake system was defective and prevented him from stopping. The trial focused on GMAC’s role in the accident.


$1.1 million verdict

Medical Malpractice 

Our client was injured when the defendant orthopedic surgeon negligently lacerated his anterior tibial artery during knee surgery and then failed to timely diagnose the injury resulting in the development of compartment syndrome and dropped foot.


Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice 

A settlement was achieved with a hospital on behalf of an 84-year old man who was neglected by the nursing staff at the facility after our client had undergone back surgery. Because he was not monitored properly, he suffered complete paraplegia and required around the clock hospital care until his death several years later. A settlement was achieved on behalf of his estate shortly after he passed away and will benefit his adult children.


Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice

A settlement was achieved on behalf of an 87 year old man who died as a result of improper suctioning and oxygen supplementation. Although defendants often times attempt to establish that value of an elderly person’s life is not as significant, the settlement reflected the fact that is not true.


Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice

A settlement was achieved on behalf of a 61 year old woman who underwent a bilateral mastectomy for suspicion of cancer, however, after the operation, no cancer was found. A settlement was reached with the operating surgeon that allowed our client to recover her dignity and restore her physical condition.


$900,000.00 settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident

A policy limits settlement for client who suffered a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and chronic post-traumatic headaches following a motor vehicle crash.


$115,000.00 settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident

Obtained for client who suffered concussion following motor vehicle crash.


$150,000.00 settlement

Defective Product

Obtained for client who suffered inhalation injury as a result of defective product warnings.


$450,000.00 settlement

Medical Malpractice

Obtained for medical malpractice victim.


$500,000.00 settlement

Medical Malpractice

Obtained for medical malpractice victim.


$125,000.00 settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident

Obtained for client who suffered back injury following motor vehicle crash.


$140,000.00 settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident

Obtained for client who suffered leg injury following motor vehicle crash.


$600,000 verdict

Medical Malpractice / Still Birth of Child

We were able to obtain a verdict in favor of a young mother who lost her child as a result of miscommunication among the treating physicians which led to a failure to properly monitor the infant who died prior to birth. This case is believed to be the largest of only several plaintiffs’ verdicts that have ever been obtained in Butler County, Pennsylvania, in a medical malpractice case.


$500,000 settlement

Snowmobile / Truck Accident

We were able to obtain a favorable settlement for our client after he sustained substantial injuries stemming from a snowmobile and truck accident. We were brought in on referral from another firm to try the matter and ultimately resolve it.


$425,000.00 settlement

Reached with Federal Government in Fatal Boating Accident

We represented the families of two men who were killed in a tragic boating accident in 2010 when a current sucked their boat toward the water flowing from a dam on the Allegheny River near Harmar, PA. The Army Corps of Engineers’ sign rule was violated when there were no warning signs near the dam.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/neighborhoods-north/feds-to-pay-to-settle-fatal-boating-accident-663074/#ixzz2cnVDPNFt

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