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An on-the-job injury is disorienting. It changes a weekly routine and recovery from the injury may take weeks or months. Many injured workers may struggle to work with their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer during the recovery process.

Workers’ comp claim denial may create more pressure to get back on the job even before an injury has properly healed. The fear of a claim denial was one of the top reasons that injured workers consulted workers’ compensation attorneys according to a recent study conducted by the Workers Compensation Research Institute.

As a part of the study, WCRI reviewed almost 7000 claims records in 11 states and conducted numerous phone interviews on claims that were two to three years post injury.

Results of the study showed that factors such as the severity of the injury and workplace trust issues were common reasons to consult and hire an attorney. Employees benefited from representation if they felt threatened in their employment relationship. For example, fear that they might lose their position prompted some to consult a workers’ compensation attorney.

Claim Denial

Fear of claim denial was a key factor in motivating employees to consult and hire an attorney. When a claim manager was discouraging or there was a delay in payments, consulting an attorney was generally beneficial.

Attorney representation was also frequently sought when employees did not believe that their employers were taking their injuries seriously. Employees often fear being fired due to their injury since they cannot perform up to their full potential. Debilitating lower back injuries may be costly and were another specific injury that prompted many injured employees to seek the counsel of an experienced advocate.

A workplace injury can have lifetime consequences. In an ideal world, employers would pay all costs for workplace injuries; unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, contact a workers’ compensation attorney. The attorney will ensure rights are protected and assist with obtaining any applicable compensation.

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