Emergency Medical Technician Medical Definition

What is an Emergency Medical Technician?” 

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Emergency Medical Technician Medical Definition

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Emergency Medical Technician medical definition: An emergency medical technician or EMT is an allied healthcare professional that provides care to patients in need of immediate medical treatment. EMTs specialize in emergency medicine and tactics that usually can occur before a patient is even brought into a hospital. EMTs work to stabilize patients before transporting them to healthcare facilities, monitor vital signs, and administer medication as necessary.

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Emergency Medical Technician in Medical Malpractice Cases

As medical professionals who administer medicine and medical treatment in emergency situations where time is of the essence, EMTs can also be liable for medical malpractice. EMTs are often the first responders to the scene of an accident or emergency and have the unique responsibility of stabilizing victims, and for doing everything possible to ensure they are able to endure the transport to a hospital or other facility where they will receive the rest of their care. There are lots of things that can go wrong in these kind of high-stress situations, and in some cases first responders and/or EMTs may be held responsible for negligence.

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