Pribanic & Pribanic Wins $3.25M Verdict After Historical Medical Malpractice Case in McKean County, Pa.

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Pribanic & Pribanic Wins $3.25M Verdict After Historical Medical Malpractice Case in McKean County, Pa.

Press Releases About Pribanic & Pribanic

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On June 28, 2023 Victor Pribanic of Pribanic & Pribanic obtained an outstanding verdict in a medical malpractice case. The McKean County court awarded $3.25M to a man who claimed the negligence of his doctors cost him his foot. 

The jury found:

  1. The conduct of the defendants below the applicable standard of medical care, and
  2. That said misconduct was the factual cause of the plaintiff’s injury 

This huge win marks the end of a decades long losing streak for medical malpractice plaintiffs in McKean County, Pennsylvania. 

“The jury’s decision reaffirms that medical malpractice cases in Pennsylvania are governed by the jury, the facts, and how the case is presented,” plaintiffs attorney Victor Pribanic said. “You cannot be deterred by stories about conservative venues.” 

The plaintiffs attorney stated he was able to refute surprise testimony from the defense with the last last-minute finding of a crucial document. 

Founded in 1982, Pribanic & Pribanic started when eldest brother Victor Pribanic took a position as the assistant District Attorney of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 1980. Not long after, brothers Michael, Jeffrey and Ernest joined the firm to help create one of nation’s most formidable legal practices. With over 100 years of combined experience the team has litigated hundreds of cases for people who’ve experienced serious, life-changing events, winning hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients. Contact 800-392-4529 or visit for a free legal consultation.

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“They work for you because you are a person not just another case.” ~ Megann

Ernest and Victor Pribanic, fought for her and enabled her to move forward and build a “new life.” For that we will be ever so thankful. Lawyers fight for justice, they did much more than that, they gave us hope.

~ Carrie White

Jeffrey is very professional and he was always there for me when I had any concerns. My injury is going to be with me for life. We settled and Jeffrey got me a very large settlement. Hire Jeffrey!


Client Review, Pennsylvania 

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