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Wood’s Screw Maneuver medical definition: The Wood’s Screw Maneuver is a technique used by doctors during birth to free the baby from the birth canal. Sometimes a baby’s shoulder can get caught behind the mother’s pelvis, called shoulder dystocia, and known as a medical emergency. Using the Wood’s Screw Maneuver, the obstetrician will use his or her hand to rotate the baby’s shoulder back allowing the baby to descend through the birth canal while the rotation is occurring.

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Wood’s Screw Maneuver in Medical Malpractice Cases

Using the Wood’s Screw Maneuver, and other such maneuvers, to resolve cases of shoulder dystocia is required knowledge of all obstetric providers. Untreated shoulder dystocia can lead to fetal brain damage and death. While not every case of shoulder dystocia is a result of medical malpractice, many can be a result of incorrect pre-delivery maternal treatment.

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