Pro Se Litigant Legal Definition

What is a Pro Se Litigant?” 

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Pro Se Litigant Legal Definition

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Pro Se Litigant legal definition: A Pro Se Litigant is an individual who chooses to represent themselves in court without the assistance of an attorney. Pro Se is Latin for “in one’s own behalf.” Anyone can choose to represent themselves in a civil court and anyone who appears before a court without an attorney is considered pro se. A law license is only required for those (like an attorney) who are representing another party in a court of law. 

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Pro Se Litigant in Medical Malpractice Cases

While the option to appear in court pro se is entirely an individual’s choice, the complexity of medical malpractice law may deter some individuals from this option. Medical malpractice law is also a constantly evolving area of law that can be difficult to comprehend. Some individuals opt to appear in court pro se in order to reduce the fees required to hire an experienced attorney, which can be significant. However, we like to encourage all individuals considering pro se to also think of the compensation and damages that might be recovered with the help of an experienced attorney that may not be acquired without appropriate knowledge of the law. 

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