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What is a Claim Form?” 

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Claim Form Legal Definition

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Claim Form legal definition: A claim form is defined as a formal written request to an insurance company, the government, or other entity for compensation you believe you are entitled to under their rules or statutes.


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Claim Forms and Car Accident Injury Cases

Claim forms are used when you want to recover compensation for the cost of the property damage sustained in a car accident. To recover damages, your car accident attorney will draft a demand letter. Demand letters include:

  • Practical information such as the insurance reference number and the name of the person who owns or is covered by the policy that you are claiming is liable for your damages
  • Relevant information related to the crash, including the date, location, details of how the accident occured, as well as why their insured is liable 
  • Information related to any statements their insured made taking fault for the accident or suggesting the crash was a result of their negligence
  • Documentation enumerating the damages, including photographs and a work estimate from your mechanic or auto body shop


Claim Forms and Medical Malpractice Cases

If you believe that you or someone you care about was injured as a result of medical malpractice, it’s important to understand that you will likely be asked to complete a type of claim form prior to initiating a formal lawsuit. That’s because many healthcare plans contractually require victims of medical mistakes to enter into mediation following a malpractice complaint.

Medical malpractice claims are among the most complex to litigate, and the associated legal procedure and forms are best navigated with the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney.


Claim Forms and Personal Injury Cases

Claim forms are involved in nearly every type of personal injury case. This includes:

  • Car accidents
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Work accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Injuries caused by defective products

While claim forms vary depending on the type of accident, injury, and insurance company. However, all claim forms associated with personal injury cases will likely include the following components:

  • Official reports – police or investigative reports, medical documentation, accident reconstruction analysis, emergency dispatch audio files
  • Documentation – photos of injuries, property damage, and/or the accident scene, as well as any other audio or video that sheds light on the nature and extent of your injury
  • Statements and notes – witness statements and any notes or journal entries you have describing the accident or your injuries
  • Physical evidence 
  • Insurance policy information – both yours and the other party’s
  • Financial documents – wage earnings statements, medical bills, invoices showing property damage repair costs


Claim Forms and Workers’ Compensation Cases

In the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system, there are several types of claim forms. If you are hurt on the job, you must complete an initial claim form called a First Report of Injury.

Another type of claim form also come into play if your workers’ compensation case has been denied. It’s imperative to understand that while the claim form looks like a routine, procedural document, when you complete it, you are in actuality initiating the appeals process. 

The appeals process is complex and costly, requiring medical documentation, depositions, and in some instances even expert testimony. If you’ve received a claim form following a workers’ compensation denial letter, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced attorney. 




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