Athetosis Medical Definition

What is Athetosis?” 

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Athetosis Medical Definition

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Athetosis medical definition: Athetosis is a condition characterized by slow, involuntary, and writhing movements of the limbs, face, neck, tongue, and other muscle groups. Irregular and separate flexing of the hands and feet is also common. 

This condition is a dysfunction associated with movement where the uncontrollable muscular motions may make it hard to maintain a stable posture. Sometimes athetosis gets worse in patients who try to control the movement. For example, it can be hard to control dexterity and precision when typing on a keyboard or to determine how long your fingers remain on the keys.

The symptoms of athetosis can develop differently from problems with high or low muscle tone, which can change constantly, and vary depending on the severity of the injury or the location. 

What causes Athetosis?

  • Basal ganglia diseases
  • Birth problems
  • Jaundice
  • Drug toxicity
  • ‌Cerebral palsy
  • Stroke

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Athetosis in Medical Malpractice Cases

Athetosis can result from numerous conditions and is usually a side effect of stroke, basal ganglia diseases, or in some cases, intense drug toxicity. Athetosis medical mistreatment and or a doctor or care provider’s mislabeling of the precursory conditions may result in a medical malpractice case.  Contact a Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyer today to review your case: 800-392-4529




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