The impact of a medical malpractice attorney can be life-changing. At Pribanic & Pribanic our preeminent Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Pittsburgh understand why physician negligence is currently the third leading cause of death in the United States.

More than 13,000 doctors in the United States have been disciplined for serious incompetence or misconduct, including drug abuse, negligence, substandard patient care, Medicaid fraud and patient sexual abuse. According to a study by Washington Health Group, most of those physicians continue to treat patients and retain their licenses.

“Most doctors are good doctors…”

State confidentiality laws make it nearly impossible to find out the background information on a doctor, even if that doctor has been disciplined for incompetence or negligence. Recent studies confirm that a small percentage of doctors are responsible for the vast majority of injuries caused by substandard care. This reaffirms our general perception that most doctors are good doctors, and worthy of our trust.

Our Award-Winning Physician Negligence Lawyers

Pribanic & Pribanic was founded by award-winning medical malpractice attorney and “Super Lawyer” Victor Pribanic, and handles medical malpractice claims for clients from the Pittsburgh area, throughout Pennsylvania and nationwide.

If you’ve suffered any of the following, our foremost team, including medically-trained professionals, can help:

“We’ve handled nearly every single kind of medical negligence claim that’s out there in the world…”

Video Transcript (excerpt) of “Find The Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Pittsburgh”:

[Victor] “Experience is very important in medical cases. The definition of medical malpractice is an error by a healthcare provider — could be a nurse, doctor, hospital, therapist, whomever.

[Ernest] Under our laws in Pennsylvania medical malpractice is measured by whether or not a doctor, or another healthcare provider, comports themselves with something called the ‘standard of care.’ The standard of care for the rest of us is simply whether or not the doctor or healthcare provider has done their job. If they fail to do their job for you and you are hurt then you’ve likely been the victim of medical malpractice.

[Victor] As a practical matter the cases that can be pursued are limited to ones in which there are very serious injuries or deaths. Most of our cases are settled before trial. I think largely because they’re prepared adequately. We prepare every single case just like we’re going to take it into a courtroom because that’s what we plan to do eventually. The defendants, the doctors, the hospitals and other healthcare providers know that at the end of the day if there not resolved favorably they’re going to end up in a courtroom with a serious case confronting them.

[Ernest] Pribanic and Pribanic is the best law firm for your case because we have a comprehensive team of employees and lawyers.

[Victor] At this stage of the game I would say that we’ve handled virtually every single kind of medical negligence claim that is out there in the world. We know what experts to use —we know how to formulate and process the cases — and we know how to get appropriate results and what they ought to be.

[Victor] I’ve had many satisfactory cases. I’ve done modest cases that are very important for the clients and on the other hand cases involving multi-million dollar resolutions on behalf of children injured at birth, people who are paralyzed, and others who need every cent we obtain for them.

[Victor] Every single case we do is notable for the client, and they’re notable to us for that reason as well.”

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‘Lawyer of the Year’ Victor Pribanic answers questions about Medical Malpractice in this exclusive interview.

MT: What information do you need for the free, initial consultation?

Victor: “We’ll need general background information, the event or events that the patient or family thinks were result of negligence or mistakes. We need to know the type of injury and timeline for treatment. Sometimes patients have only vague recollections, but we can gather a lot from medical records. We’ll then have experts and in-house staff with medical training review the records and see if the doctor or hospital was guilty of negligence that harmed the patient.”

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