Work in Pennsylvania? Here’s What To Do If Injured On The Job

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If you work in Pennsylvania, your chances of being injured while at work are statistically higher than the national average.

To make matters worse, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation is a complex system that can take months or years to work through on your own.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, workplace injuries and illnesses decreased in six of 19 private industry sectors nationwide in 2015 – mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, finance and insurance, healthcare and social assistance, and accommodation and food services.

While Pennsylvania certainly has its share of these industries, the sector that saw the greatest number of work injury cases in the state that same year was waste collection. 

Other industries that recorded higher work injury cases than other sectors in Pennsylvania were veterinary services, concrete foundation and structure contractors, motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, roofing contractors, office furniture manufacturing, and animal production and agriculture.

Many of these cases resulted in lost workdays, medical bills and even job transfers.

So what should you do if injured on the job?

    1. Report the incident: You have 120 days to report an injury at work to your boss. If it takes time for you to find out your were injured, you still have 120 days from the moment you discover that you were hurt on the job.
    2. See a doctor: If your workplace has a list of doctors, you must see one of them for the first 90 days of your injury. If you choose your own doctor, your employer doesn’t have to pay any medical bills until after the first 90 days.
    3. Follow up with your employer: Make sure your employer has filed a “First Report of Occupational Injury” form. If they refuse to file a claim, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer right away.
    4. If your claim is denied: You have three years from the day you were hurt on the job to file a claims petition in the event your employer or their insurance company deny your claim. If denied, you should talk with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.

The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Pribanic & Pribanic have won cases for injured workers in Pennsylvania for over 20 years. For a free legal consultation, call toll free at 1-800-392-4529.

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