CLASS ACTION: Fiat Chrysler Recalls of More Than 500K Vehicles

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When it comes to automobile defects, 2015 had its share of bad news. There were numerous reports and recalls to remind us all that, even though technology and engineering has made vehicles more secure, safety issues still abound in the driving world.

In 2015, the National Transportation Safety Board released a report that blew a whistle on a national tire recall system that is broken. During the 12 months we called 2015, there was also a massive Takata air bag recall, and a recall of about 1.4 million GM vehicles with automobile defects the company said caused a fire risk.

Then, last month, Fiat Chrysler announced it was recalling more than 120,000 vehicles because of an automobile defect the company said could affect the braking system.

The automobile defects were reported on some 2013 and 2014 Dodge Darts – and according to the Chicago Tribune, could have prompted as many as seven motor vehicle accidents and as many as two injuries.

The problem? According to Fiat Chrysler, oil can get on parts of the braking system in these recalled Dodge Darts, which the company says could make the brakes more difficult to use, and in some cases, could cause it to take motorists longer to stop their vehicles.

But that wasn’t the only black eye the automobile giant got from automobile defects.

Just days after news broke of the Dodge Dart recall, the company announced it was also recalling more than 412,000 Jeeps and Dodge SUVs because of automobile defects that could cause a fire risk.

According to reports, the new recall was prompted by problems that arose during an initial recall back in 2014 of Jeep Cherokee and Dodge Durango models.

The issue? During that first recall, car dealers may have threaded the wires incorrectly while doing repairs, an automobile defect that can lead to a short circuit and a fire.

In addition to the updated recall of all those Jeep Cherokees and Dodge Durangos, the company is also recalling more than 60,00 2015 Jeep Compass and Patriot models.

The problem with those vehicles is this: Their steering-hose clamps may be incorrectly positioned, which can cause them to lose fluids quickly – which impacts functionality.

To put it more bluntly: If those leaking power steering fluids spurt out onto something hot, it could cause a fire.

If you are an owner of a recently recalled vehicle – of one of the Fiat Chrysler vehicles mentioned in this blog or another car entirely – be sure to make an appointment with your dealer to get the automobile defect that prompted it all fixed up.

As personal injury attorneys, we know just how devastating (and, unfortunately, deadly) automobile defects can be.

Over the years the personal injury attorneys at Pribanic & Pribanic have represented the interests of numerous clients who have suffered a severe injury or were even killed because of automobile defects.

In one of our cases, a man lost his life because of a faulty GM vehicle – because of an automobile defect that should have prompted a recall much, much sooner.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident you believe was the result of an automobile defect, or if you were injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident that was caused because of an automobile defect that is part of a recent recall, call the personal injury attorneys at Pribanic & Pribanic at 800-392-4529 for a free initial consultation today.

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