Anesthesia: Unsafe Applications

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Pittsburgh Anesthesia Injuries Attorney

The safe application of anesthesia requires the medical personnel to carefully monitor equipment, respiration and other physiological signs. If this is not done properly, a patient can suffer serious and potentially fatal injuries.

Pribanic & Pribanic is a law firm that represents patients who have suffered serious injuries and families whose loved ones have died as the result of anesthesia errors. Our lawyers have obtained numerous six-figure settlements and verdicts in medical malpractice cases.

Pribanic & Pribanic represents people in cases involving negligence on the part of anesthesiologists and surgical nurses, including:

  • Use of too much or too little anesthesia
  • Harmful drug interactions
  • Failure to recognize allergic reactions
  • Loss of airway
  • Inattention by medical staff
  • Other types of errors occurring before, during and after surgery

Building a Strong and Successful Anesthesiology Negligence Case

As in other medical malpractice cases, winning an anesthesiology negligence case requires thorough investigations by medical experts. It requires extensive financial resources to fund those investigations. Winning also requires strong advocacy skills and the ability to clearly convey complex medical concepts to a jury in a way it can understand.

Pribanic & Pribanic has the medical knowledge and resources needed to prevail in these hard-fought cases. Working with nationally recognized medical experts, we document how the injury occurred and the measures that anesthesiologists and surgical nurses could have taken that would have avoided the problem. We advocate vigorously in settlement negotiations and at trial. When you choose to retain Pribanic & Pribanic, our Pittsburgh anesthesia injury attorneys will work diligently to build a strong and successful case for you.

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